Multidisciplinary designer graduated in July 2016 with an MA in Information Experience Design [October 2014 - July 2016] from the Royal College of Art, London (UK).

I aim to create immersive, informative, and intriguing experiences, with a particular interest in exploring the social implications of new technologies. My research focuses on swarm behaviour in relation to the paradigm shift from mobile to wearable technology, and the threats of the human-machine loop in the networked systems, questioning users' decision-making ability and agency. 

Other interests include exploring the relationships between art and science to facilitate communication between experts and non-experts, visualising data beyond the screen and through an experience, and the quantified-self in relation to embedded technology using the human body and the city’s surfaces as membranes. 

In 2013, I’ve graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Beirut, Lebanon. I’ve then worked at in New York, and Visualizing Impact in Beirut. Over the years, I have also freelanced for the NGO KAFA, working on various social issues. My BFA thesis and final year project focused on raising awareness about migrant domestic workers’ rights in Lebanon through an informative campaign using a photographic-infographics language. 

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Academic Awards
[2016] MA (Distinction) Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art.

 Dissertation Distinction for MA Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art: “Ubiquitous Swarming: Wearable Technology as a Catalyst for Convergence of Spaces and Change in Social Behaviour”.

[2013] BFA (Distinction) Graphic Design, American University of Beirut.

[2013] The faculty of Engineering and Architecture’s Dean’s Award for Creative Achievements..

[2013] 1st prize in the Areen Projects Award for Excellence in Graphic Design.

[2013] Dissertation Distinction for BFA Graphic Design, AUB: “Raising Awareness about Racism Towards Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon.

 [Fall 2010, Fall 2012, Spring 2013] Dean’s Honor List | AUB, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

Hardware / Software: Arduino, Processing, Python, MaxMSP.
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Dreamweaver).
Making: Wood & Metal workshop, Photography, Illustration, Typography, Silkscreen. 

Fluent in: English, French, Arabic.
Limited Working Proficiency: Spanish.